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Playoffs Day 01 - Tigers @ Orioles / Royals @ Angels Pregame

2:30PM - Tigers @ Orioles [TBS]
6:00PM - Royals @ Angels [TBS]

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally here! Now that the WC representative has been whittled down, it's time to get the playoffs started.

Two games kick off today, both on the AL Side.

Let's Go!!!

As a reminder, the playoff pregame picks will be experimental. Hopefully it will unearth some gems for next year.
Not all will be great... but now's the time to experiment.

I'll be adding a small section (after today) to get your thoughts on the previous game.
In addition, if you have any ideas, please submit them as well
Your cooperation will be appreciated!

Where's the Regular Season PGP Results? Let's just say the longer you don't see them, the better.