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Angels Can Get Revenge Today For 1985

The 1985 Angels lost the AL WEST to the eventual World Champion Royals by ONE GAME in 1985.

Rod Coulda Had A Ring if Not For The Royals...
Rod Coulda Had A Ring if Not For The Royals...
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Today might be the ALDS matchup between the Royals and the Angels but it is also the 29th anniversary of the third game of a four game series between the Halos and KC. The California Angels went into the series with a one game lead in the division with seven left to play.

Sweep and they clinch.

But instead they lost the first game of the series to Brett Saberhagen. After taking the lead on a solo home run by Doug DeCinces, California ceased to produce. Saberhagen struck out ten on the way to a complete game victory. John Candelaria for us only allowed three runs but that was more than enough with the ace of 1985's aces on the mound.

We won the second game to retake that one game division lead with five to play. Mike Witt was cruising with a 4-0 shutout in the bottom of the eighth when the Royals scored two and Donnie Moore came in to pitch a four-out save. 29-years ago "Donnie Moore" was synonymous with SAVE, that is how long ago it all was.

Today is the 29th anniversary of losing 4-0 in a complete game shutout and moving into a tie for the division. The pitcher who tossed that gem against us? He was named Harry but hey called him Buddy. Years later he would become a pitching coach and manager and, now grown up, be known as Bud. Bud Black.

In Game 4 the Angels managed eleven hits against Danny Jackson, but only one run. Meanwhile Don Sutton gave up four runs and we were a game behind with three to play.

And we didn't even have Don Denkinger to blame like the Cardinals would three weeks later.

The Royals are long gone as division rivals so it has taken almost three full decades for the Angels to have a chance to avenge a 90-Win team's second-place finish - but tonight we can get some revenge for what should have been ours so long ago.