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World Series WeekEnd HaloLinks

Let's see...lose Game 1 to San Francisco, then win Game 2 against San Francisco with an offensive onslaught, then switch venues for Game 3 and the Series tied at 1 game apiece. Yeah. This is a re-run. Look for a Royal blowout tonight.

Victor Decolongon

Attention Fellow Halo Heaven Travelers!

Mr. and Mrs. Stirrups are on vacation until November. Today's WeekEnd HaloLinks will be an abbreviated edition. Normal WeekEnd Links will resume November 7th.

Ok, so we are not talking about the Fielding Bible Awards, but this is not as lame as it once was. Recently, Rawlings began adding a smattering of modern metrics to their Gold Glove nominations, obtained from SABR. But still, well, Adam Jones. Anyway, this year we have Albert Pujols and Kole Calhoun nominated. Calhoun? So much for the reputations of past winners.

Jerry Dipoto has confirmed that the Halos are willing to lend the Oakland A's a hand or to to help them with their offense, after all. Assistant hitting coach - actual hitting coach for most of this season - Dave Hansen is now interviewing with Billy Beane.

Dipoto is gettin' busy, and catching is a need to fill. Jackson Williams was just claimed off waivers from the Rockies. and there is a connection: "The 28-year-old Williams was originally selected by the Giants with the 43rd overall pick of the 2007 First-Year Player Draft out of the University of Oklahoma, where he spent a season catching Angels starter Garrett Richards."

One day after Scioscia was named the Sporting News AL Manager of the Year, the AL All-Star team was named, and Erick Aybar was one winner, and Mike Trout was another winner. By the way, The Face of the 2014 TSN All-Star announcement was none other than Mike Trout.  Don't be disappointed to find that Trout came in second in all of baseball for TSN Player of the Year Award, as it went to a highly deserving Clayton Kershaw.

Remember how the Royals played miraculous defense in their 3 game sweep of the Halos? And how you just knew it was phenomenal luck that could not last/? Yeah, well, that.

Greg Morhardt, the scout who was working in the Angels organization when he brought us the phenomenal Mike Trout before anybody else, and then who we sacked, now works for the Atlanta Braves.

Which is more cool? A vintage comic book page that focuses on baseball tidbits? Or what happens when you turn the page and reflect on all that pre-internet mail order merch??? Anybody over the age of 50 is going to fall on the side of Ju-Jitsu lessons, $1 electric baseball games, and a 10 cent x-ray machine.