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MondoLinks: 2002 continues to haunt 2014

The Giants take a 3 games to 2 lead in the World Series, keeping to the script written in 2002. I wonder what Bruce Bochy is going to do when he brings in a reliever with the lead in the 6th inning tomorrow night??

Jeff Gross

Attention Fellow Halo Heaven Travelers!

Mr. and Mrs. Stirrups are still on vacation until November. At this moment we are in idyllic Norwich, Vermont, enjoying the hell out what is left of the fall colors.  Today's MondoLinks will be an abbreviated edition. Normal MondoLinks will resume November 10th.

Also, our plans are to be in Sleepy Hollow for Halloween, and we shipped our own costumes ahead of us for the events. (Yes, Halloween is one of The Big Three holidays in the world of the Stirrups'.) So if I fail to deliver this upcoming Friday, even briefly, please forgive.

Let's get the obvious right out there, alright? With their 5-0 blowout victory last night, the Giants return the the American League home field for the final two games of  the 2002 2014 World Series holding a 3 games to 2 lead, and needing just 1 game to finish off the upstart AL Wild Card representative and take the title. They need to do this in no small part due to the exploits of that season's All-Star MVP Hero from Anaheim, Garrett Anderson Mike Trout, whose accomplishments in the ASG granted home field advantage to the AL. Who shall play the role of Scott Spiezio???

  • Speaking of Trout, I started to read this article from the perspective of Trout and his evolving strike zone and plate approach, wondering how to frame all the information and all the results in a way that would make sense to young Mike. Then I started thinking about what I have heard/read young Mike himself say about his approach and I go, like, "nah".

  • Here is a fun thought process to dwell upon if you are having a slow day today: the whole idea of independent researchers joining the blog brigade and seeing the pro franchises pluck the best and brightest out of the public forums for their own, proprietary, use. Kind of fascinating, when you dive into it.  And eventually you should stumble over the notion that this process is a driving force behind the MSM resentment of statistical analysts.

  • Shenanigans, I say. The grounds crew in San Francisco is being accused of soaking the base paths to slow down the Kansas City baserunners. To which I say, "so what if they are?" Somebody show me the MLB rule book where it defines the absolute moisture content of a baseball infield. Anybody? No? Hey Ned Yost, you got 4 games on your own field thanks to 2014 MLB All-Star MVP Mike Trout. Use your own grounds crew wisely.