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Mike Trout Joins the War on Gatorade™

The Re-Tweet that could change the postgame icebucket dump

Jonathan Daniel

Superstar Angels outfielder Mike Trout has entered the war on Gatorade, via Twitter.

New England Patriots Pro-Bowler Rob Gronkowski, a paid endorser of Body Armor Super Drink Tweeted this today concerning recent in-game cramps he had been suffering:

Okay - this is a dig at the NFL selling the right to call one's sports drink "the official on-field beverage of the league" or some similar important-sounding claptrap. Gatorade™ has long held this spot and its competitors will have to challenge that fact if they are ever to gain substantial market share on convenience store and supermarket shelves.

And when the Angels win a game in dramatic fashion you will see the player being interviewed on field by Alex Curry get a jug of that Pepsi Corporation Sugar Water poured on his head. Body Armor Super Drink will not be part of the celebration nor will it be helping players from cramping up in any visible way.

Until today... Today Mike Trout entered the fray with a simple re-tweeting of Gronkowski's Tweet. Check it out:


And so our All Star Centerfielder enters the war on the exclusive sportstdrink of MLB or whatever title the Jeter Juice pays to be called. So just like on the field, one era may be ending and another beginning... and we know on which side of the fray Mike Trout, paid spokesperson for Body Armor Super Drink™ stands.