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Angels Doomed in Extras Again

Best Record in Baseball is down 0-2 in best of 5 series.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Shoemaker showed no signs of his oblique muscle injury as he pitched six innings of near-flawless ball.

No recap beyond that.

The Angels offense could not put anything together.

The pitching, minus Kevin Jepsen, was nails.

Mike Trout has been overscouted and playing into the need to be the face of baseball has adopted the habit of wanting to hit a five run home run in each At Bat.

Albert Pujols got an RBI. Yay.

The presence of Josh Hamilton on that baseball field should be a fire-able offense for the manager except the owner who would/should do the firing is the idiot who signed an over the hill bum.

But it must be pointed out that the TBS broadcast muted the Angels crowd. The noise was deafening.

There are tens of thousands who believe and will continue to believe.

There are probably a hundred thousand more who felt that way at home and even a few thousand of us who are lamentably stuck with them.

I know I am one of them and if you are reading this you are probably too. Aren't you?

See you here Sunday.