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Thursday Halolinks: Game 7 goes to the Giants

San Francisco wins its third championship in 5 years.

Doug Pensinger

First off; congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on winning their third World Series in five years.  Secondly, is anyone else sick of hearing how awesome Madison Bumgarner is?  And finally, now there is going to be news we actually care about!

Halolinks for all!

  • Here's the type of news we should start getting now that the Series is over with.  Although there's doubt in some people's mind that Jon Heyman has jumped the gun on this story, teams are now free to make announcements: Joe Maddon set to become Cubs manager, sources say -, "The contract, once finalized, is expected to make Maddon one of the highest-paid managers in baseball and quite likely the best-paid in the National League. Mike Scioscia's Angels deal pays him $5 million annually, so he sets the standard. It is believed Maddon was looking for $5 million-plus per year, but the exact terms are not known."
  • So, yeah, if you haven't heard: San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals - Recap - October 29, 2014 - ESPN, "Madison Bumgarner punctuated his World Series performance for the ages by pitching the San Francisco Giants to their third championship in five years in a 3-2 win over the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night."
  • And that pitcher guy was the MVP: Madison Bumgarner of San Francisco Giants wins World Series MVP - ESPN, "Bumgarner earned a sensational save to go along with two sparkling wins as a starter in the Series. That on top of being MVP of the National League Championship Series and pitching a record 52 2/3 innings in this postseason."
  • Seriously? You Will Never See A Pitching Performance Like That Again, "Bumgarner pitched 52 2/3 innings in the postseason, blowing by Curt Schilling's record of 48 1/3 set in 2001. His ERA for those record setting innings—against ostensibly the best teams in baseball—was an astoundingly minuscule 1.03."  Yep, we'll never see a pitching performance this good ever least until it happens next World Series (I'm looking at you Garret Richards).
  • Tommy Boy gave away a truck: Madison Bumgarner wins truck with 'technology and stuff' during awkward MVP ceremony - Yahoo Sports, "The TV award ceremony for said truck and said MVP trophy, however, definitely made us question the composure of Rikk Wilde, the guy Chevy sent to Kansas City to present the award. It got awkward quick, as Wilde lost his train of thought, pausing a few times to look down at his notecards and at one point said the truck featured "technology and stuff." Oof."
  • Sorry, but no.  Are the Giants a dynasty after winning third World Series in five seasons? - Yahoo Sports, ""Nah," he said. "Well, I’m not saying it’s not, but I grew up with the Celtics and UCLA. What did UCLA [men's basketball] win under John Wooden?" They won 10 NCAA titles from 1964-1975, including seven straight at one point. The Celtics won 11 NBA titles over 13 seasons, including eight in a row from 1959-1966. "If you're a real sports fan, that's what a dynasty is," Righetti said. "I hope this is the start of something big. It’s fun though, and maybe it’s coming."
  • This is cool that Bonds is getting back some of his fan-appeal, and is kind of embracing fans after years of dickiness. Barry Bonds shows up at AT&T Park to celebrate World Series with Giants fans - Yahoo Sports, "As usually happens when a pro sports team wins a championship, San Francisco Giants fans spilled into the streets of their city to celebrate the 2014 World Series win. They were joined by a face that everybody in orange and black recognizes: Barry Bonds, the ex-Giants slugger. He showed up shortly after the Giants' clinched their 3-2 victory Wednesday night and made his way through a throng of Giants fans near AT&T Park."
  • Defense is the new hot metric: Five stats that defined the 2014 season - Beyond the Box Score, "If you're looking for the statistic that most defined the 2014 season, it has to be Alex Gordon's UZR (or DRS). Defensive metrics were a hot topic this year because of Gordon's huge numbers in LF and their impact on his WAR total (he was ahead of Trout for a week), which led to a sabermetric dust-up of sorts. But it wasn't just that battle, it was how important outfield defense was in general to the upstart Royals. They went on a deep postseason run because they got to everything in the outfield and Alex Gordon's mastery of left field. He put together a 25 UZR and 27 DRS in 2014 and while those numbers are probably not indicative of his true talent, it will be hard to think of this season without thinking about the Royals, their defense, and the conversations they started."
  • Braves expected to make qualifying offer to Ervin Santana - HardballTalk, "Santana turned down a qualifying offer (worth one year, $14.1 million) last offseason from the Royals and then couldn’t find a multi-year contract to his liking on the open market, so he may consider accepting the thing this time around. The 31-year-old right-hander owns a 4.17 career ERA and 1.28 career WHIP in 1,882 2/3 innings."  he'll probably accept after last offseason's debacle.
  • Six Photos Of Billy Butler. I added one: