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WeekEnd HaloLinks: Things can get interesting again

Now that a few folks have danced in their streets and planned their parade and proclaimed themselves among the greatest, ever, we can get back to business of baseball. Next stop: Awards Season.

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Attention Fellow Halo Heaven Travelers!

Mr. and Mrs. Stirrups are on vacation until November. Today's WeekEnd HaloLinks will be an abbreviated edition. Normal WeekEnd Links will resume November 7th.

Just thinkin' out loud: Well, now that that's done...we end up with far less Kansas City Miracle Pixie Dust for everybody else in baseball to emulate, don't we? "Good pitching beats good hitting, every time", as he proverb goes. So how does one stop uber hitting that got all up and uber at the luckiest possible time? You run out to the mound your uber lefty pitcher who just happened to get uber good at the luckiest possible time. Uber good pitcher beats uber good offense - even if both sides got uber at the luckiest time possible. Giants win. Champagne already stale. Parades planned. All the rest of us can re-open our doors to the light of the new baseball day. Page turned...Well, except for everybody in the state of Kansas. Even Nate Silver is screaming to send Alex Gordon and force the Giants to make a play. But for all Silver's fancy-pants math, Royals fans are merely going to focus on the fact that their multi-million dollar All Star Hero took the bottom-of-the-ninth, down-by-a-run, seventh-game-of-a-World-Series, two-out-at-bat, base hit to left center field and dogged it to first base. Had Gordon actually broke form the box and raced to first as if a World Series depended upon why would a modern baseball pro do such a silly thing?

Back to Angels Baseball!!

Obvious Stuff Already: The Angels picked up Huston Street's 2015 option yesterday. So Captain Obvious is the first to arrive in Anaheim....By the way, they declined on Sean Burnett and sent Brian Moran back to the minors.

Not So Obvious: the 2014 Angels garnered 15 nominations for Greatness In Baseball Yearly Award, which is the most in the American League. This is a fan vote award, boys and girls, so click early and often, here.

Fast, but inefficient: the Kansas City Royals led all of baseball in the number of pitches thrown at 97mph or faster in 2014. So Kansas City throws a lot of baseballs very, very fast.  But, if you look at it, Kansas City doesn't strike out a lot of batters with all those baseballs they throw very, very fast.

Joe Maddon repercussions: So if Maddon moves to the Cubs (where all Baseball Hope goes to die), apparently this means that the Rays don't move to Montreal??? When did that effort get started?

Upgrades: Well, get real people. Third base is going to be very pricey this Winter.  Mostly because we are well beyond the peak of quality power-hitting third basemen. Especially with the playoff run that Pablo Sandoval just had. Sounds to me like we need to start developing our own.

Preventative Medicine: Please, Dear God, before we lose a Mike Trout to a Mickey mantle style injury, all due to an owner's vanity. By all means, lose the hill in Houston.

WAR Re-Doubts: (You will see what I did there in a moment) Uh-oh. His Royal Sabre High Holiness Bill James hates WAR.  And, yeah, in a sense he is right. We are a long way from being done with the development of statistical representations of what has been going on in the field of baseball. We need less people quoting the metrics as they stand, and more people studying and analyzing the metrics themselves.

HoF Follies: Once every three years the Veterans Committee Golden Era Committee meets to vote on old-timers who might have slipped through the cracks of the normal knuckleheadedness that is Baseball Hall of Fame voting. This year the nominees for the December vote have been named. Astute readers will notice that every single one of these nominees overlap the career of Pete Rose. Even more astute readers will realize that Bob Howsam is being nominated for his brilliance as the GM of the Pete Rose Reds. And now for the saddest news of all. The voters are pretty much the same addled-brained folk who make a hash out of the regular voting, which is why these names show up on this list to begin with. I direct your attention to the names of Mark Whicker (this Mark Whicker) and Tracy Ringolsby (this Tracy Ringolsby).

Misc: Dude, really. 3 outs. You guys are up to bat..........Kinda cool diversion: Catcher's mask history..............Torii Hunter, apparently, still has some legs left in his career..........Now that this WS is over , here is a fun video compilation of the final plays of the last 49 WS (2014 excepted)...........The Biz of Baseball has the DBacks on the uptick with a new exorbitant TV contract...But it also has the Dodgers/Lakers in serious doubt...........No 2014 Halos made The Fielding Bible Awards list this year, and again Erick Aybar is unanimously outvoted..........