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Recapping the Angels Game 2 Mistakes

A few things went wrong that, were they to be replayed, could have easily changed the whole game...

bummer that the ball was actually in the glove there
bummer that the ball was actually in the glove there
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It was not pretty... let's get to it...

FIRST INNING: Mike Trout attempts a steal.

After hitting into a Fielder's Choice to erase Kole Calhoun, Mike Trout attempted to steal 2B. The pitcher is throwing a hundred miles an hour, the Catcher has a great throw-out rate, you didn't steal much during the season and your lead from the base is non existent. Unless this was a botched hit an run call... oh wait, which never happens with Albert at the plate so therefore, Trout blew it.

TENTH INNING: Pinch Runner Gordon Beckham polite slide into 2B

Again on the basepaths! Josh Hamilton grounds out with a runner on 1B. Gordon Beckham is pinch-running for David Freese. Unlike EVERY Kansas City runner, he puts nothing hard nor wide into his slide as the ball is cleanly fielded and the defender given ample space, time and leg room to complete the Double Play. Lousy time to be a nice guy.

ALL GAME: Mike Trout taking the first pitch

If he were a line-drive hitting speedster it would be one thing but since he decided to compete for "Next Babe Ruth" it doesn't help. At. All.

EIGHTH INNING: Absence of Campana

The Angels could have put speedster Tony Campana on the 25-Man ALDS roster instead of reliever Vinnie Pestano. Instead of Josh Hamilton. When they really needed him they had to use Collin Cowgill as a pinch runner and valiant as Cowgill's efforts were, Dyson's throw form L/CF was precise, precision defined in fact. Campana would have been there easily.