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Angels Dreams Swept by Hurricane Royal Destiny

CJ Wilson can't make it out of the first inning

Mowed Down
Mowed Down
Ed Zurga

The Angels started game three of the American League Division Series with a solo home run by Mike Trout.

The joy of being ahead was short-lived. C.J. Wilson had a terrible bottom of the first and was pulled after surrendering a bases-clearing double that made the game 3-1 Royals. He pitched 2/3 of an inning and one of the outs was a gift called strikeout on the edge of the egde of the plate.

A parade of relievers came and surrendered runs in various manners, why recap it? Vinnie Pestano was fine, Hector Santiago, Mike Morin... was Jason Grilli in there for a while? Cory Rasmus was – oh wait, somewhere before the last few was Jepsen and he did what only a fading Kevin Jepsen could do, yeah, and that was to put the game even more out of reach.

Every so often the Angels would get a guy or two on and you would think – you being the Angels fan who is going to be there next year and the year after that – you would start thinking "okay, this guy gets a hit and the next guy gets a blast and we are then a home run away from tying it" and the chessboard in your mind would have the moves for the next few batters set up to go and Kansas City would just knock the chess pieces off the board because they are playing baseball while the Angels seemed to be waiting for someone else in the lineup to make a game of it.

The series featured two high-pressure extra-inning games where one of the many singles in tonight's contest would have handed LA of Anaheim a victory. On the night the bats clicked a bit more, the pitching put them in a hole so deep that the Left On Base LOBsters went by in a blur.

The Royals go on to face Baltimore in the ALCS. The Angels go home.