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A Few Things Mike Scioscia Did Right...

It was a tough ALDS but all the blame is not on the Skipper's feet...

The Big Catorce
The Big Catorce
Ed Zurga

Let's bullet point a few things that Mike Scioscia did RIGHT in the ALDS...

Considering that the first two games were both close matches, not making drastic changes can be defended. We could have EASILY been up two games to none going into Sunday and while blaming Mike's MIS-management is easy, his management should be credited - there were no blowouts at home.

Taking C.J. Wilson out. It could not have been any sooner and in lieu of starting Cory Rasmus, Mike did exactly what he should have done.

Joe Smith and Huston Street in the game with a tie. Instead of clinging to his roles he put his best arms in as a nod to the offense that they should be able to squeeze across a run.

Here is the problem... that is all I can think of. We have gone over the disastrous consequences of him bunting Kole Calhoun, not having Tony Campana on the roster pinch-run and for bringing Josh Hamilton into the postseason... can you think of any other thing Scioscia did in the ALDS that was good that he might not have ordinarily done in the regular season?