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MondoLinks: 0 is for October

Remember that scene of Jered Weaver hopping around the field that night, glaring through his beer goggles? He was shouting over and over "Let's go! Let's Go!! LET'S GO!!!" Well, we gone.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports


While you were away...Oh, who the hell am I trying to kid? You didn't go anywhere. And you have already hashed out every inning of every game of the ALDS. I'm not going to do that again this week. Nope. I'm going to do this:

0 is For October

0 is for all of October, and the games our lads do win.

It's hits that come from Hambone, who knows almost no chagrin.

1 is all that Trout shall do. 2 outs are Wilson's limit.

3 earned runs will Jepsen give, 1 for his every minute.

4 K's from Cron, 4 more from Freese. Kendrick can give us FIVE!

6 are the innings Shoe will last, one of the few to act alive.

Weaver, the Ace, can throw 7, and open with a fiery tone.

But the other 8 on the field in the game will leave him all alone.

9 on a side, in only 3 games, their end shall come with haste

And the hopes and dreams of 3 million fans will quickly be laid to waste.

So 98 wins is for the glory of flags, but 0 is for October.

For this I vested 5 thousand hours.

Don't call me til I get sober.


Elsewhere in the Heavens of Anaheim: R.I.P. Los Angeles Angels. "The Halos will likely avoid big pitching free agents like Max Scherzer, Jon Lester and James Shields, any of whom would be an enormous upgrade to the rotation. A lower cost free agent like Brandon McCarthy or Francisco Liriano (or both!) makes more sense. Eating money to trade Wilson could be on the table. He had a very good season in 2013 and is owed $38 million from 2015-16. Would eating $15 million to $20 million to deal him make sense? I guess it depends on the return."...............The Angels sucked, and in historical terms: "Runners in scoring position futility: The Angels were almost historically bad with runners in scoring position. They were 1-for-12 in those situations on Sunday and 2-for-25 in the series. They are one of 21 teams that had two or fewer hits with runners in scoring position in a Division Series. Only three of those teams had more at-bats than the Angels."............"Better off in Texas: C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton went to two World Series with the Rangers in 2010-11. The last time they were on a team that won a postseason game was the Rangers in Game 5 of the 2011 World Series against the Cardinals. Wilson lasted just two-thirds of an inning against the Royals on Sunday night, while Hamilton went 0-for-13 in the three games."............I understand that the Angels flopped, but what does that flop have to do with money? If it's true that the Oakland A's have proven that money does not buy happiness, why does anyone focus on the spending of money when the happiness is not obtained?.............Josh Hamilton is living in a very small, small world, all by himself.............No offense Mike, but no. No. I know what fighting to the end looks like, and what you guys did out there didn't have anything to do with fighting for anything.............Wow. Torches and pitchforks, coming from a non-Angels fan site.  It's time for Mike Scioscia to go. "It was a remarkably rapid fall for the Angels, as Scioscia was arguably out-managed each night by Ned Yost, of all people.....Though Garrett Richards suffered a freak injury in late August, he was on pace to throw too many innings for a rookie. Josh Hamilton had no business trying to play through an injury all season when he could have healed and been healthy for the postseason.....Scioscia also tends to play high-contract veterans over the club’s young prospects, which devalues the Angels’ farm system, causing those prospects to be underdeveloped or want to leave...".  I am on he fence concerning Sosh's tenure. He did have more than a little to do with milking this squad to teh best record in baseball. But there are a couple of nuggets there that did cause me to flinch.............Of course, Sosh didn't do himself any favors by treating the most critical moment of any baseball season as conducting experiments. Concerning Hamilton: "It's worth getting him some at-bats to see if he's going to square some balls up."

Around Baseball: Baltimore sweeps the Tigers back to the pen, and possibly Torii Hunter off into retirement. And, just saying, pay particular attention to the decisive nature of Buck Showalter as he gathers his infield together and tells them what the hell they are going to do.............Every now and then you might read some nitwit columnist who needs to whine about something, and claims to have some numbers to prove that baseball is dying.  Don't you believe it..............Until last night, Billy Butler had played in 1,168 official Major League baseball games. he had more than 4800 Plate Appearances, and reached base more than 1700 times. And in all that time Billy Butler had claimed only 5 stolen bases. But in Game 3, going up against the master small ball & defensive strategist commanding the LAA, and he did this...............With Grichuk, Bourjos and Lackey on the STL Active Roster, at least some Angels are still playing. If things weren't already depressing, this would be depressing. (Oh, and for 5thStarter, there is also this. And I am just gonna ignore this guy.)..............Oops. The Washington Post posts the wrong photo while covering the NLDS. That kind of eff-up is supposed to be why we are merely blogs, and WaPost is serious journalism..............