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Playoffs Day 5 - NLDS Game 3s: WAS @ SF, LAD @ STL

2PM - Nationals @ Giants [MLB Network] (Giants lead 2-0)
6PM - Dodgers @ Cardinals [Fox Sports 1] (Tied 1-1)

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well... if you're still here... kudos to you.
Yesterday was disappointing. Well, more than disappointing, but that word is good enough for now. I suppose.

However, there are other games being played... but in case not many are stickin' around... a change of plans for the PGP. We'll continue to do these, but they'll be the old school RUNS-HITS Picks.

I may sprinkle some new games here and there, but for the most part we'll stick with this.
Unlike the experimental games, results Will be tallied for these games!*

Anywhoo. Here we go:

Nationals @ Giants

Dodgers @ Cardinals

*Unless I get SUPER lazy :)