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Thursday Halolinks: No mon, no fun for Angels offseason

With limited salary room, the Angels have a difficult offseason ahead of them.


During the regular season, or specifically, when the Angels play, there are a ton of opportunities to link to interesting, Angels related posts.  That is no longer the case.  I use RSS feeds to help gather stories for inclusion in the daily links, and during the season the typical number of stories I filter through is between 200-250.  This morning I had 64.  If you've noticed I continually miss a source for news, please let me know in the comments below and I'll add that site to the rotation.

So here are the best from those 64 feeds, or in other words; 64-Halolinks:

  • This offseason isn't much different than last.  Before the 2013 season, the Angels were looking to fill some glaring holes with minimum room under the luxury tax threshold.  Should be no problem for Dipoto, right?: Challenging offseason decisions await Angels -, "Jerry Dipoto has a tough task on his hands: Keep the Angels competitive, with very little talent in the upper levels of their farm system and most of the payroll tied to long-term contracts for aging players. Dipoto, entering his fourth offseason as the Angels' general manager, must do it all without surpassing the luxury tax, and under a competitive owner with no desire to ever enter in a rebuild stage."
  • I don't know, I still think Trout should be batting leadoff with Calhoun in the #2 spot, but what do I know: Dipoto dismisses Trout's decline in stolen bases - The Orange County Register, "Trout and Scioscia have consistently said pitchers have been increasing the attention they pay to Trout, using more slide steps and speeding up their deliveries to the plate. Scioscia has also said Trout has had the green light plenty of times, and he simply has chosen not to go."
  • I completely agree with Dave Cameron on this.  Or maybe some sort of quick replay thingy could be used: Let’s Take Check Swings Away From Home Plate Umpires - FanGraphs Baseball, "Like with Desmond, Aybar was batting with his team down a run in their last at-bat, and Nauert’s call struck him out on a swing that does not look like a swing. Here is Mike Scioscia‘s reaction to the call." 
  • How do the season's 'best' teams fare in the playoffs? - Beyond the Box Score, "Given these results, perhaps we should not be all that surprised that the Angels and Nationals were eliminated in the LDS this year; it is the most common result."
  • No, Mike Scioscia didn't make the list...yet: The Lineup Card: Eight of the Worst Postseason Managerial Decisions - Baseball Prospectus, "The staff recounts some curious choices by October skippers."
  • I didn't realize the playoffs were still going on.  Silly me: A capsule look at Royals-Orioles playoff series - Yahoo Sports, "Season Series: Royals won 4-3."
  • The only Angels' player mention in either article is Albert Pujols: Who are the 2014 Fielding Bible Award / Gold Glove Contenders? (Part I) - Bill James Online, "First Basemen: A season-ending injury to Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt opens the door for veteran Adrian Gonzalez to win his first Fielding Bible Award, which is long overdue. Since 2009, Gonzalez’s 62 Runs Saved lead the position by 12 runs, but he has had the poor luck to share his prime with superb defensive first basemen Albert Pujols and Mark Teixeira. Pujols may still be the favorite to win the Gold Glove in the AL, but foot injuries have robbed him of the range that allowed him to routinely save double-digit runs per season in the mid-2000s."  And: Who are the 2014 Fielding Bible Award / Gold Glove Contenders? (Part II) - Bill James Online, "Lagares may run away with the Fielding Bible Award and NL Gold Glove votes, but the American League will be another story. Four different players saved between 14 and 15 runs in the AL, including Leonys Martin, Jackie Bradley Jr., and teammates Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson. I lean slightly toward Martin as the favorite, but either Dyson or Bradley would likely take the Award if either had the opportunity to be a full-time starter."
  • There have been talks about the Angels possibly moving away from Anaheim.  Hopefully their situation doesn't get anywhere near as slimy as the one with Cobb County Georgia and the Braves: A Cobb County Commissioner learns a good lesson: don’t try to double cross a lawyer - HardballTalk, "Yesterday we saw that the county commissioner, Tim Lee, was cagey and defensive when asked about the details of the negotiations which ultimately led to the Braves moving north. Specifically, how he may have broken the law when he hired a lawyer to work on the deal that moved the team to Cobb County and that now he appears to be trying to avoid any questioning about it. Turns out it’s even more delicious than that."
  • Remember when the Segway was supposed to be the "next big thing" to impact society?  Besides the novelty tourist stuff, how'd that turn out?  This has nothing to do with baseball (you'll notice more of these OT inclusion as the offseason wears on), it seems like 3D printing IS the next big thing: 3-D Printed Car: NY Daily News Autos gets a ride in the Local Motors "Strati" 3-D printed roadster, ""This is about simplification and streamlining," explains Jay Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Local Motors. Rogers was present to give us a tour of the Strati and explain, exactly, 3-D printing tech brings to the automotive world. "All this material you’re looking at," he says, pointing to the car, "is about $3,500 dollars."