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Passan: Angels "In On Max Scherzer" and will Break Luxury Ceiling This Winter

Yahoo's MLB analyst says the Angels will break the bank on the free agent market, go over the luxury tax threshold and likely sign pitcher Max Scherzer! you see red? you see red?
Rob Carr

What used to be called KFWB News Radio is now THE BEAST 980 Radio Station. It has a weekday afternoon sports talk show called THE DRIVE on form 3 - 7 PM with hosts George Wrighster and Brett Winterble. Today they had as their guest Jeff Passan. He is the national MLB analyst for Yahoo! Sports and he had some good scoop about the Angels as the offseason gets rolling

Listen at the audio in the linked article (LINK) - click ahead to the 4:30 mark to avoid blah blah blah about the Dodgers.

To sum up the questions about the Angels and Passan's commentary

•First he is asked if the quiet in the offseason is good.
He replies that behind the scenes it is noisy – and with most of the clubs. The whole offseason this year is ahead of schedule with a lot of trade talks. Passan believes fans will see that things will happen earlier than even the Winter meetings with the Angels and with every team.

•Then he is asked to analyze Arte Moreno as an owner, specifically if he is too meddlesome.
Passan digs in:

If I owned something that was worth more than a billion dollars, there is no such thing as being meddlesome. If you’re an owner of something, you have every right to be right in the middle of it. That being said, Arte Moreno is not a baseball man and Arte Moreno doesn’t know enough about baseball to be making baseball decisions.

Passan then goes on to point out that Arte has "Stepped in piles of you know what" in his pursuit of signing overpriced players.

He observes that one thing that has saved the Angels from Arte's meddlesome spending is that Moreno refuses to do business with Scott Boras – implying that Moreno would have spent way more money over the past few offseasons on Boras clients if he felt he could deal with Boras in good faith.

(Passan did not go into the specifics of the feud but Arte publicly called out Boras as using the Angels to up the price on then-free agent Mark Teixeira after the 2008 season and the Angels have signed only one Boras client since - injured reliever Ryan Madson who never threw a pitch for the club)

But then he uses the word DETENTE to describe where Moreno and Boras are at now. Look that word up. The war is over...

•Then Passan delivers the bombshell...
According to his sources, the Angels will try to sign a big name free agent pitcher, probably Max Scherzer, (a Boras client) and will break through the Salary Threshold, thus being subject to a tax on their payroll expenditures that will be redistributed to teams in smaller markets.

After all that, though, instead of asking about the detente, the subject quickly changes - they talk about A-Rod and the Yankees and then they talked about the Mets. What, no Red Sox talk in L.A., why hold back?

Anyway - wow.