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Mike Trout Poised to Be Named AL MVP Today

Barring a stunning upset, today is the day that Mike Trout gets the Most Valuable Player award he has long deserved.

Stepping up, stepping out...
Stepping up, stepping out...
Harry How

Angels outfielder Mike Trout is poised to be named the American League Most Valuable Player this afternoon.

If he takes the prize he will the third Halo to win the award. Don Baylor took it in 1979 with 120 runs scored , 139 RBIs and the team's first-ever American League Division Crown. Vladimir Guerrero won it in his first season with the club in 2004 when his 124 runs scored and 39 home runs gave the club its first division title in 18 seasons.

35 years after Baylor and 10 years after Guerrero, let's look at what Mike Trout did...

  • Scored 115 runs, leading the American league for the third consecutive year - first time since Mickey Mantle in 1956-58.
  • Led major league baseball in Extra Base Hits with 84 of them. He turned 23 in August and that would make the youngest player in MLB history to lead the majors in XBH.
  • Led the AL with 338 total bases.

But most importantly he was a complete player, well-rounded in the field, at the plate, on the bases, in the clubhouse and in the spotlight.

He was denied the MVP in 2012 and 2013 despite putting up amazing numbers. He will hopefully not be denied today.