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Mike Trout MVP Fuels Body Armor's War on Gatorade

Hydration is serious business these days

Smile Now, Drink Later
Smile Now, Drink Later
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

On the occasion of Angels slugging All Star Mike Trout winning the American League Most Valuable Player award, BODYARMOR Super Drink is purchasing a Full Page Ad slated for tomorrow's OC Register and NY Post print editions (The Post is New Jersey's favorite news source) congratulating the outfielder.

Here it is for the 99% of you who don't read Grandma's copy of the newspaper's print edition...

body armor 2

Mike Trout is a paid product endorser of BODYARMOR Super Drink, as are many star athletes. The biggest competitor to BODYARMOR SUPR DRINK is Pepsico's Gatorade™, which bypasses endorsements by individual athletes and goes straight to the leagues themselves for on-field product placement. Pouring the bucket of this over a triumphant player after the game has become as ritualistic as the seventh inning stretch among many teams. that translates into a dominant commercial brand.

There are billions of dollars at play here, though, and BODYARMOR Super Drink is aggressively working to get its share. By attaching itself to major athletes, opportunities for aggressive promotion arise at awards time. While you see plenty of athletes grabbing a paper cup for some Gatorade™ off the bench, look for Trout to be chugging from his personal bottle of BODYARMOR Super Drink; it is up to the individual consumer to extrapolate from there its affect on his MVP performance.