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2014 Halos Heaven Pregame Picks Results

Week 25 Winner: rspencer
Overall Winner: Professor Baseball

Jamie Squire

Well, the final results are finally here, and I hope everyone had fun this year.
Sorry for the (supreme) lateness of the results. I could blame many things, but... what difference would that make.

The important thing is that the results are here! And... I hope people are still around checking.

Week 25 goes to rspencer who scored a nice solid 10 to finish off the year!!
The full results for the last week (if you remember them...) are here!


And Overall... it's no surprise that Professor Baseball wins the gold for the year!

Though in a surprising last spurt, designerguy managed to get only 5 points behind the leader to nab the silver!

And for the bronze, a tie! Ant Fan and max peter both score the bronze medal for the year.

The top 10 ended up looking like the following:

Professor Baseball 133
designerguy 128
Ant Fan 122
max peter 122
Chone's Chonies 119
blast21dave 119
LanaBanana 118
1964 118
Btown100 117
angelslogic 115

Full results are here

Random Facts for the Year!

1964 and designerguy both 'won' a Pregame Picks Week 3 times a piece, giving them the honors of most weeks won this year!

Week By Week breakdown is here:

Game-By-Game breakdown should be available once the Thankgiving break rolls in, if you are interested in seeing how you may have fared per game.

Again, apologies for the tardiness of the results. Hope you're at least reading this :)