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MondoLinks: Hot Stove blows hot winds past Anaheim

An amazing number of names are being bandied about this weekend, from Cuba to Japan and across the entire MLB landscape. But not so much Anaheim. Is this the echo of budgets and farm systems?

Victor Decolongon


While you were away...Let's make sure that you don't miss out on all the great traffic that has been storming the main page here at HH.  Before the stream of content pushed things too far down the page, let's make usre you have easy access to recall all the fun that's beeon going on over the previous 72 hours.  OMaM has been publishing the Halos Heaven Awards, with winners announced Day 2.....Day 3...Day 4...and Day 5...........All the various polling on the Halos Heaven SBN Awards are completed, and summarized here. We'll see a posting later on the MLB winners taken from submissions of all the SBN MLB sites.............We are (not permanently) flying a new logo, in case you didn't notice it.  It's all for a good cause, as eyespy noticed and tracked down...........Scottnak released the 2014 season PreGame Pick Results.............And Jim treated us all to a brilliant new Day at the Park comic..............Giancarlo Stanton is on the verge of a 1/3 of a billion dollar deal, and Rev takes a second to remind us that Mike Trout is a bargain by comparison, but should blow out that Stanton deal when his day comes around in 2020...........And, yes, Mike Trout is still the AL MVP.


Elsewhere in the Heavens of Anaheim: With the conclusion of the Arizona Fall League, one report card shows Chris O'Grady of rising stock worthy f high-school caliber velocity...and, the further falling stock of Kaleb Cowart.............Halos coaching staff projects a refinement out of Trout next season, and a concerted effort to cut back on his strikeout rate. That will be fascinating, as he would be removing from opposing pitchers the two gifts upon which they have learned to hang their hats: easy first 0-1 counts and free swinging at high fastballs............Speaking of Trout, this is great stuff: This Week in (Dumb) Baseball: Whining about awards. And three Matt Snyder starts off with Detroit Tiger fans square in his bullseye. "Man, the dumb is almost palpable with the Trout haters."...........C.J. Wilson isn't spending any time moping around the house this offseason. Follow his twitter feed as he toodles about Africa...........

Around Baseball: Oh, this is thick. According to Newsday, Anthony Bosch has apparently told federal investigators that Scott Boras tried to help Bosch cover up for Manny RamirezBoras, understandably, comes out swinging haymakers in his defense. But or Bosch is right, his tale outlines how Boras accidentally got Ramirez caught by MLB testing..........Jose Canseco is just the girt that keeps on giving. Remember how Canseco recently blew his finger offmis-handling one of his own guns? Well, he had some surgeons re-attach it. Ok, well enough. Or so Jose believed. Canseco then went and participated in a poker tournament where, amazingly enough, the damned thing fell off! I gotta admit, though, the dude was pretty chill about it...........Cool weekend photo find: Ted Williams at the plate, with a picture taken from the International Space Station (or some such overhead miracle)...........There's a lot of player chat going around throughout MLB right now, too much to itemize. Interesting that all this churn without much hint of Halo participation might be a solid indication of LAA budget and farm system issues. Anyway, a big deal did go down, with Jeremy Hellickson being traded from the Rays to the DBacks. This will pair up the 2011 RoY winner (Hellickson), with the 2011 RoY runner-up (Mark Trumbo).  Going back to Tampa Bay are a pair of infield prospects, the kind of thing we once had an abundance of...........But not everybody thinks that Hellickson in Chase Field is going to be a good thing. Something about Hellickson being one of the most pure fly-ball pitchers in all of baseball, standing on the mound within the confines of one of the most homer-happy ballparks..........I would never have guessed that the Orioles have not had an MVP, a CYA winner, or a RoY for more than 20 years..............Just for fun, our MLB All-Stars got no-hit in Japan over the weekend............