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Angels Born Today: DiSar & Bob Boone

Two Long-Serving Halos share November 19 as a birthday

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Four Angels players were born on November 19 - two of them being quite memorable...

Angels 3B coach and former All Star Shortstop Gary Discarcina turns 47 today. He played 1,086 games in an Angels uniform and now windmills home runners crossing the Los Angeles 3B Bag of Anaheim. We ranked him #60 All Time Angel in our post-2014 season "Top 100 Angels" list (LINK)

The greatest catcher to play the position for the Angels, Bob Boone, turns 67 today. Easily the greatest defensive catcher in club history, he was perhaps the greatest pitch-framer of all time. Not much of a bat, but a good situational batter, Boone manged after his long playing career was done. He ranked #45 on our most recent Top 100 Angels countdown (LINK).

Infielder Andy Sheets played with five clubs including the Angels in 1999. He turns 43 today.

Aurelio Monteagudo (mon-tee-ah-GOO-doe) would have been 71 today but he died in a car accident a week before turning 47. He pitched fifteen games of relief for the Angels in 1973, the final year of his journeyman career.