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Should the Angels Trade David Freese to the Post-Panda Giants?

Without the Panda, Frisco might need Freezin'...

They would love him in Halloween Colors, right?
They would love him in Halloween Colors, right?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

When three-time world champion Pablo Sandoval signed with the Boston Red Sox on Monday, his former team was left with Joaquin Arias as the highest ranking 3B on the team's depth chart.

Could this put them in the market for a 3B with clutch postseason numbers, innings-guaranteed health and a league average glove? I offer them David Freese, a veteran 3B who has never been told to lose weight.

Considering that they just saved one hundred million dollars when Sandoval chose to age gracefully DH-ing toward the Green Monster, the Frisco Dynastics do have the dough. And in Brian Sabean they have a General Manager who has shown he would never look away from grabbing a non-sabermetric veteran to fill in a slot.

As it stands for the Angels, Freese was a redundancy in the higher octane offense of Anaheim and as he stands to make round $6.5 Million next season after arbitration, the chance to get a few prospects for his good but not glamorous package of tools is RIGHT NOW. Or at least by the Winter Meetings.

Perhaps Jerry Dipoto can throw in Fernando Salas for veteran reliever vibes in this trade and send out the St. Louis package he brought in before the 2014 season. Frisco is deep in pitching prospects that are clogging their minor league pipeline who would be in the Top Ten of the still-sputtering Halo system.

Post-Panda, we can suppose Frisco needs Mister Freese to maintain comic book cool at the hot corner. Let's hope Jerry and Brian can deliver such poetic justice, save the Halos some cash now, shore up the third sack for the Giants in 2015 and give the Halos an arm or two who come in handy down the stretch in 2016ish.