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Angels Fans Can Be Thankful For...

Here is the list, can you add more?

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There are many things that Angels fans can be thankful for /
Here is the list, can you add more?

Forget the Turkey, leave it out /
every Angel fan loves his serving of Trout

Anaheim is grateful for its leadoff boon /
in the red-headed person of Kole Calhoun

The negative ninnies say "Albert Pujols" like a cuss /
but they shut up when shown his O.P.S. Plus

If ever there was a reason to be an Anaheim believer /
it is our hometown savior named Jered Weaver

By June we all dreaded the ninth inning's meet /
until we thankfully traded for old Huston Street

Erick Aybar is so easy to overlook today /
but relief comes around on each ball hit his way

The Keystone is a sinkhole for so many teams /
that we take Howie Kendrick for granted it seems

When you compare Chris Iannetta to other catchers in the game /
you'll cry rivers of thanks as you revere his name

The day Matt Shoemaker showed up, beard in tow /
you'd have made a billion betting his ERA would be so low

You yawned last winter when the man signed Joe Smith /
but there is nobody else you'd trust the eight inning with

There are some Halos we might not sing about /
but we put up with them in the hopes they break out

Oh Moreno, Carpino, Dipoto and Kuhl /
if you don't see the best fans here, you're simply old fools.