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SBN Awards 2014: LA Angels Funniest Moment of 2014 *VOTE*

Nominations are in. Now vote your choice for funniest LAA moment of the 2014 season.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

As a retrospective on the 2014 season, our overlords commanding the SB Nation Mothership have established our own SB Nation MLB Awards 2014 event. We, the fans, shall choose our own winner in each of six categories. Those categories are:

1) Funniest LAA Moment

2) Most Regrettable LAA Moment

3) LAA Defensive Play of the Year

4) Most Important LAA Hit of the Year

5) Best LAA Pitching Appearance of the Year

6) 2014 MLB Team of the Year (EXCLUDING the LA Angels)

It's important that we get 4 to 5 good submissions in each category, and we will then put up a voting system for you to make your selection. (For the record, I am reluctant to use the easiest voting method, that of the simple voting box, due to the obvious and chronic problem with robot votes coming in from the asshattery elsewhere.)


Once we have all 6 winners determined according to the membership of our own community, a Blue Ribbon Panel from SBN will pluck those winners off of our boards and enter them into their master Sweepstakes. That BRP will make the final decision in each category, choosing from all 30 team site submissions. your idea for FUNNIEST LAA MOMENT of 2014.

UPDATE I am reading the best options as:

1) Pujols & Trout Bow & Arrow Comeback

2) Pujols mocking Puig Fail

3) Shoemaker's wife tweeting Middelbrooks a "butthole"

And, for honorable mention (not in the running):

a) J.B. Shuck's bat sniff

b) Hamilton batting in the ALDS

Cast your ballots by clicking your vote. Yeah, I am conceding the poll method...