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2014's Minor League Free Agents

Whole Lotta Shakeup Goin' On...

...Buddy Boshers is a Free Agent!!!!
...Buddy Boshers is a Free Agent!!!!
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The list of every club's minor league free agents has been released by Baseball America (LINK). This is the list that alerted Angels General Manager Jerry Dipoto to the availability of pitcher Jeremy McBryde who was immediately offered a major league contract by the Halos.

McBryde's name is still listed there and there are lots of familiar names, some of which are surprising in that they were still playing organized baseball this season and others because their names carried an assumption of greater accomplishments.

Here is a screen shot of Angels organization players who are now free agents by virtue of not being on the 40-Man roster:

Awesome highlights from other teams...

Shocked They Were Still playing List:
Kameron Lowe, Julio Borbon, Manny Ramirez, Ruben Gotay, Shaun Marcum, Rafael Betancourt, Brett Tomko, David Aardsma, Tyler Greene, Wilson Betemit, Radhames Liz

Thought They Were Too Useful To Get Dumped List:
Ivan DeJesus Jr., Chien-Ming Wang, Matt Tuiasosopo, Matt Capps, Trayvon Robinson, Phil Humber, Jeremy McBryde (or at least Dipoto thinks so), John Axford, Jesus Montero

Former Angels Elsewhere List:
Robert Coello, Tommy Hanson, Russell Branyan, Dustin Moseley, Billy Buckner, Hainley Statia, Chris Bootcheck, Josh Wall, Tommy Field, Jeremy Berg, Shane Loux, Jeremy Moore

Did I miss any? As you scour thee names and others on the linked list, do you see a player or too who might make a difference for the Angels in 2015?