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Oh My! Angels Announcer Dick Enberg Voted Into Hall of Fame

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Cooperstown Bound!

Dick Enberg at hs Frick Press Conference
Dick Enberg at hs Frick Press Conference
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Radio and television announcer Dick Enberg has been awarded the 2014 Ford C. Frick award. This is the annual award that goes to an announcer and sends that voice to Cooperstown. This coming summer, Enberg will join Vin Scully and others in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Enberg has a long time national presence n the sport but covered the Angels from 1968 thru 1978 and again in 1985 and was inarguably the definitive voice for the franchise at least until Rory Markas called eight seasons form 2002 thru 2010. he resumed regular play-by-play duties again in 2010, this time close to home in San Diego calling Padres games.

He turns eighty years old in January. In addition to his local and national broadcast coverage of America's past time, Enberg called the NFL on NBC for much of the 1980s and did Wimbledon behind the microphone a few times, too. For younger Halo fans, he is the voice of the franchise's legacy... on the fiftieth anniversary of the franchise, Enberg was hired to narrate a year-by-year history of the team that is broadcast quite frequently during delays on Angels games.

And of course, he represented the Angels in the baseball scene of the Naked Gun movie...

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is July 25 in Cooperstown, New York.