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R.J. Alvarez is Now an Oakland A

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The San Diego Padres have just traded the Angels' former first selection of the 2012 draft to the Oakland Athletics for catcher Derek Norris.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Expect to see plenty of R.J. Alvarez in the coming years, as he becomes part of the bullpen of the Halos' primary division rival – a team they face 19 games per season.

Alvarez was dealt along with Taylor Lindsay, Elliot Morris and Jose Rondon in last season's fall trade that sent Huston Street to Anaheim. On Thursday evening, he was dealt once again, with promising young starter Jesse Hahn, to the Oakland Athletics for a young All-Star catcher.

R.J. Alvarez maintained a 1.25 ERA and 12.7 SO/9 over 38 appearances in 2014 across two AA stops between the Angels and Padres. In 10 appearances at the MLB level, Alvarez put up a 1.13 ERA with 9 strikeouts over 8 innings in his first cup of coffee with the Friars.

The Oakland A's now control Alvarez for the next six years, through the 2020 season.