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Tuesday Halolinks: Minor moves could have big payoff

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Just because they didn't spend a lot of money doesn't mean the Angels didn't do anything big.

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Two days before Christmas and all was quiet...except for some baseball analysts looking for something interesting to write about.  Here's what I found.

Christmas Eve eve Halolinks:

  • Here's a Halo feel good story involving the newly acquired Angels reliever and his family: Angels pitcher Cesar Ramos' wife Melanie has beaten tough foe: Cancer - LA Times, "It was June 17, 2013, that doctors told Melanie she would have a 50% chance of conceiving naturally. She had just completed nine months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue in her neck."
  • The start of the year-end review: AL West movement defined by minor moves -, "Here's a team-by-team glance at what's happened in the division so far this winter, and what remains to be done, from each of the AL West beat writers"  Those minor moves and the lack of any big-name free agent signings in the AL West shows in this post: Free Agent Spending By Division – MLB Trade Rumors, "...the No. 1 and No. 3 free agents (Max Scherzer and James Shields) remain unsigned and will have a dramatic effect on divisional spending once they do come to terms."
  • This is looking like it could turn out to be a very good deal for the Angels: Inbox: Which recently-traded prospect was the biggest steal? -, "The Angels received Heaney in return for Howie Kendrick. I'm a fan of both, actually, though I'm a believer that Heaney is going to end up as a very good starter, maybe even a No. 2 type, so he's in the conversation here."
  • This is interesting.  I didn't realize that the offensive production last season was so low: Some highs and lows to remember from the 2014 MLB season - LA Times, "As the steroid era and the amphetamine era recede into memory, pitchers dominated at a rate unseen in decades. In 2002, the last year before random steroid testing began, Alex Rodriguez led the majors with 57 home runs, and 28 players hit at least 30. In 2014, Nelson Cruz led the majors with 40, and 11 players hit at least 30. The overall major league batting average last season: .251, the lowest since 1972, the year before the introduction of the designated hitter."
  • In case you were hoping the Angels were the mystery team who won the bid, it turns out the Pirates will get a chance to sign the Korean shortstop: Pirates Win Bidding For Jung-ho Kang – MLB Trade Rumors, "The winning bid on Kang was said to be $5,002,015 over the weekend, according to a report from Yonhap. Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review has confirmed with a source that the bid was indeed $5MM"
  • Need a last minute Christmas gift for the pretentious douchebag on your list?  Cardinals Pitcher John Lackey Selling Fort Worth Manse, "MLB starting pitcher John Lackey cuts an imposing figure when he takes the mound, so it’s appropriate that "imposing" is the perfect word for the massive mansion he’s selling in Fort Worth, TX, for $2.9 million."  This has got to be the ugliest fortress I've ever seen.  (Thanks HardballTalk)
  • I spend too much time at Deadspin.  Mainly for the interesting GIFs: Jimmy Clausen Diagnosed With Concussion After Taking Brutal Shot To Head

    And entertaining videos: Pats Fan At Jets Game Gets Nachos Dumped All Over Him In Fight