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Christmas Hangover HaloLinks

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It's still Holiday time throughout the land, and the gift-giving, gift-receiving, glow is still abundant. As are the leftovers. What kinds of presents, pasts and tomorrows are haunting Major League Baseball?

Tomorrow is Trout Day, the 27th. One more reason to be celebrating the holidays.
Tomorrow is Trout Day, the 27th. One more reason to be celebrating the holidays.
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Merry Christmas to me!

So I scored pretty big for Christmas yesterday, thanks to RubixsQube! Those of you who know about this particular brew should already be astounded. For the rest of you, a little research will reveal just how amazing it is to have your hands on a week-old 4-pack of the world's top-most rated beer right here in sunny Southern California. So many, many thanks to Rubix (son #1). Great memory. 1 beer down as I type this. Brilliant.

How did you all do? What is the best present you received during the holiday season? Share below! Don't be shy, because this is a holiday edition and I am using the short form...


In the Heavens of Anaheim:

  • Trout Porn: Let's back on Trout's worst full season as a pro, the one where he won the AL MVP. Because Trout kicked ass. By any metric, Trout's 2014 was a year for the ages. "The Angels' superstar center fielder led the Majors in WAR for a third straight season, posted a .287/.377/.561 slash line, hit a career-high 36 home runs, drove in an AL-leading 111 runs, scored an AL-leading 115 runs..."  And all the while we are witnessing glory that extends beyond one season: "He became the first player in history with at least 300 runs, 75 homers and 75 steals in his first 400 games. And he joined Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle (1960-62), Yogi Berra (1953-56) and Hal Newhouser (1944-46) as the only AL players to finish in the top two in MVP ballots for three straight years -- though none of the others did it in their first three."

  • Relocation Vacation: I always lose track of my senses and end up wondering why things at city hall move so pitifully slow.  Then I recall how quick they are to do things which bring misery to my life and I snap out of it. Over in Anaheim, city hall is in molasses mode.  Anaheim postpones adding members to stadium-lease team. What we need to do is find a way to make the negotations between Anaheim and Arte Moreno cause some form of inordinate pain and suffering to my existence. Poof! we will get resolution immediately.

  • 2015: All I want for Christmas is my two strike hits, my two strike hits, my two strike hits....Number one on other people's Christmas list - Christmas gifts for each AL team - for the LA Angels is "something", as in "anything", from Josh Hamilton this upcoming season. Thta's such a big one, we might as well just stop right there...........As is, the Halos are given 10-1 odds of winning the WS next year - 7 Favorites to Win the 2015 World Series. Tied with the Tigers, a bit behind the Dodgers and Nationals who both stand at 15-2. If there is one single thing to take away from 2014, it would be to revisit the playoff results and realize that these odds makers are have no idea how meaningless they have become.

Ok, that's enough for this super-slow, obviously distracted, weekly content collector. back to your task at hand: name the best thing you received as a gift this holiday season!!