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MondoLinks: Farewell to 2014

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We exit the year greater than as we entered it. Champions of the best division in baseball. Sure, the crapshoot nature of the playoffs made the playoffs crappy, but the Best of Long-Haul Baseball reigns from Anaheim!

Celebrate Good Times!!
Celebrate Good Times!!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


It's the most dull and boring time of the Baseball Year, so we should use these final days of 2014 to look back, lest old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind.

Here is the challenge for you few, you happy few, you band of brothers who today shed some Internet time with me, to share your TOP FIVE LA ANGELS MEMORIES OF 2014! Do it below.


1. Garrett Goes Down.

2. Hambone Bones Digit.

3. Dipoto rebuilds franchise at Beane speeds. Twice in one year.

4. Angels clinch, fans go gaga, players go goggles.

5. Trout takes top trophy, topples Tigers toadies.


Elsewhere in the Heavens of Anaheim: Mike Trout not be hittin' like before, but Mike Trout be walkin' like nobody else...........And, yeah, Mike Trout will be seeing a hell of a lot of Mike Trout now that Saint Jeter has moved on..............Torii sympathizers might want to consider that their fellow brothers and sisters in Minnesota just sympathized their favored franchise into a deeper hole than the one they already had dug for themselves...........Baseball just celebrated the Mo Vaughn for Kevin Appier trade between the Mets and Angels, noting how that didn't end up working out for the MetsThat kind of ran in Vaughn's career, didn't it?

Around Baseball: Deep thoughts from Uncle Lyle. But hey, this is the kind of insight that watching more than 4,000 brings to any expert............What needs to go through the head of a reliever is different. We fans need to add that difference to our own mentality.............Ok, so it's one of MLB's own scribes. But, yes, with all its flaws and mess, it's the right path we are now on..............Hall of Fame voting results will be announced in a week and a day, and the ballot is full. The talk these days is about the quality of the candidates, starting with the not quite sure things such as Alan Trammell, and Edgar Martinez, and Tim Raines............We need to be getting our heroes right, because the impact will someday be felt as far away as. like, Uganda.

Bucket of Off Topic: After nearly 40 years, NOW we are gonna start trying to figure out Star Wars physics?.............Speaking of movies, I found the final Hobbit chapter to be somewhat underwhelming. It was fun, bit not worth the 44 years I had waited for it. The best part was my predicting the precise moment when Peter Jackson would kill off Smaug............On the other hand, Into The Woods was much better than I was expecting. I know this because, even though I was drugged up a bit with cold medicine, I still carried away enough of the immersion experience to spend most of Sunday re-discovering the truth that I had just re-learned a bunch of once-familiar fairy tales. And it has nothing to do with my lust for Emily Blunt, I swear!.............The economy must be doing better, as we are witnessing once again the upselling of the commonplace. Today's submission: ballcaps.