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MondoLinks: San Diego Winter Summit

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Major League Baseball sails into San Diego with 4 days of Winter Meetings, starting today. Does Commander Dipoto have some surprise parlay in the works?

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While you were away...The rumor mill exploded yesterday with the news coming out of other MLB front offices, via Jon Heyman C.J. Wilson available in trade; Angels aiming for bigger pitching talent?, that the Angels are offering up C.J. Wilson in trade, ostensibly to open up a rotation slot and some payroll to take a run at a premier free agent pitcher, and filling some roster need along the way. So, this I all find confusing. That is probably why I am not a GM. I mean, this particular FR class is already ripe with pitchers, and next year's will be even more so. Plus, this news leaks out just 2 days after we all learn that the Marlins are willing to trade from their pool of pitching depth to plug some of their own holes.

So teams already have a decent amount of quality pitching from which to choose, some costing them a draft pick and some costing them players/prospects. Into this mix Dipoto brings a Wilson, fresh off an ERA+ season of only 81 and carrying a most recent WHIP of 1.446  and an fWAR of 0.6. He's owed $38 million over the last 2 years of his current contract, meaning that Arte will have to carry back a bunch of that salary already to sweeten the deal.

Therefore, would any other team really take enough of the salary of a Wilson to free up a meaningful amount of funds and allow Dipoto to battle the likes of the Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees and Giants for a Scherzer (or, if time still permits, a Lester)? How many teams out there would be willing to surrender roster assets for somebody who projects (via Fangraphs Steamer) a 1.4 fWAR in 2015, and at only two years of control, with so many other options on the store shelves? Or, if one might expect a bounce-back from Wilson in 2015, what might a Big Splash pitcher do that would top that (Scherzer, for example, has a Steamer projection of 3.7 fWAR, which would be barely better than Wilson if CJ bounced back to his 3.2 fWAR of 2013)? And, in the end, could it be even remotely possible to find a time when Wilson's stock would be lower than it is now?

But, hey, I am all ready for the excitement that's come from learning something new!


Elsewhere in the Heavens of Anaheim: Mike Trout was named's Greatness in Baseball yearly Award (GIBBY) for Everyday Player of the Year.  Trout also came in 3rd (behind Kershaw and Bumgartner, both of the NL) for most Valuable Major Leaguer...........Garrett Richards was cleared to resume throwing, meaning that he is tracking towards the earlier return rather than the latter..........Nick Francona has moved on from his role with the Angels in scouting and player development. I always liked the Nick Francona story..........Dipoto continues to stuff pitching depth into the organization, signing two more guys, both lefties: Adam Wilk and Edgar Ibarra...........Howie Kendrick is still being dangled around baseball, most recently in front of the Orioles in exchange for Wei-Yin Chen.

Around Baseball: Jason Werth is going to be spending 5 days in jail, for driving 105 mph in a 55 mph zone. Just thinkin' out loud here, but isn't driving 105 mph anywhere on a public road in America putting other motorists at risk of life, limb and property? Isn't that a tad more serious than, say, the kinds of things that Rob Manfred worries so much about?..........The Golden Era Committee will announce today which of any/all of its candidates have been elected to the Hall of Fame............Speaking of GIBBYs (above) note that the winner of the CUT4 GIBBY award is the selfless 12-year future lady killer............This is the same CUT4, by the way, that just brought us Walt Disney playing baseball.