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Guess Who? - Saturday, 2/1/2014: YOU GUYS REALLY NEED HELP!

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Guess Who? - Saturday Puzzle, 2/1/2014: YOU GUYS REALLY NEED HELP!

Guess Who? - Saturday Puzzle, 2/01/2014: YOU GUYS REALLY NEED HELP!

Alrighty now. You people are getting your butts kicked this week. After taking so many torchings from y'all this offseason, it feels gooooood! But let me start offering up some clues:


SIX PLAYERS (None current)

FOUR SPUNKY ROLE PLAYERS (Three more after the already identified Gary Gaetti)

TWO FAN FAVES (One old school and one modern)


SIX TOTAL PLAYERS (None current)

ALREADY IDENTIFIED: Gary Gaetti, Rudy Meoli, and Spike Owen from the Spunky Role Player Set

ALREADY IDENTIFIED: David Eckstein from the Fan Faves Set.


The remaining Spunky Role Player was known for having incredibly soft hands.

The remaining Fan Fave was a very good player we fans lost in a trade that did not work well for us, and who ended up winning two World Series, one in Los Angeles.

How many Halos can you track down in this one?