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Angels Great Jim Fregosi Suffers a Stroke

...hospitalized in the Cayman Islands...

Jim Fregos circa 1965
Jim Fregos circa 1965

Angels great Jim Fregosi, 71, has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

Fregosi was the greatest Angels player of the 1960s and was manager of the team when they won the AL Western Division for the first time in 1979.

The living legend was on cruise of the Caribbean with other MLB Alumni when the incident occurred. The latest reports are that he is being hospitalized in the Cayman Islands while his family is making arrangements to have him transferred to the Cayman Islands.

Fregosi managed the Angels, White Sox, Blue Jays and is most noted for winning the 1993 National League Pennant with the Phillies. He is currently a special assistant to the Atlanta Braves General Manager.

Fregosi easily ranks as one of the top ten Angels players of all time. He was drafted in the 1960 expansion draft as a minor leaguer from the Boston Red Sox, was a perennial all star and probably the best all around shortstop of his era. His value to the franchise was even better when he was traded to the Mets as he produced Nolan Ryan for the Halos as the bounty it took to acquire him.

Get well Jim.