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Mike Trout to Sign Thru 2020?

Six Years, $150 Million?

Keep that uniform on...
Keep that uniform on...
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

So Yahoo sports has some info on the chit chat between Arte Moreno and Mike Trout. LINK

While the article structures the six year extension a beginning in 2014, others close to the team (like the OC Register's Jeff Fletcher LINK) see the deal as making more sense to both sides to begin next season and include a hefty signing bonus for 2014.

The wonderboy is owed some big bucks or can split after the 2017 season.

So how to ensure that the Angels get a little more out of him? Sign his behind to an extension right now!

It is in the Angels best interests to do this for a few reasons:

  • Keep the kid happy and productive
  • Buy out some arbitration years as cost-certainty beats the great unknown of what an arbitration hearing could bring
  • Fans will feel secure knowing the kid is here for a while
  • Uh... it's Mike Frigggin Trout.

It is in Mike Trout's interest to sign this contract for a few reasons:

  • No headaches with arbitration hearings in 2015, 16 & 17
  • What if the magic wears off?
  • Still a free agent at age 29 in November of the year 2020
  • Um, it's a hundred and fifty million dollars, bro

So the rumor is that the Angels are going to sign him to a six-year contract. To avoid luxury tax implications, the contract would start next season, 2015, and be signed after Opening Day this year so that all monies involved would count against the L.T. threshold after this season.

Again, cost-certainty is built-in to this agreement. The numbers (in cash) for the 2015-2020 seasons' contract are rumored to be $150 Million, which on the surface would be $25 Million a year - that is what the big contract's annual average value would be up against the luxury tax.

But look for Trout to sign this contract and immediately get a huge signing bonus - maybe ten million bucks on April 1 and that is no April Fool's Day joke.

So don't wig out when the Angels sign Trout to a renewed contract for 2014 in the next week or so. The big one is coming.