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Tuesday Halolinks: Still talking Trout extension, Hamilton's an Angel

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No one has any clear information, but that doesn't stop them from talking.

Angels' GM Jerry Dipoto knows about Mike Trout's contract, but has yet to speak.
Angels' GM Jerry Dipoto knows about Mike Trout's contract, but has yet to speak.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels will play their first game of 2014 on Friday, and although the game against the Cubs is "just" a Spring Training game, it marks the official (in my mind) start of the baseball season.  Yep, in 3 days the wait is over, but until then, here's some Halolinks:

  • We're still talking about the Trout extension; Is there one in the works?  If so, for how much?  What effect will it have on the team's payroll?  On the last note, I'm going to do some research into how all this this CBA/CBT stuff works.  Although I thought I had already firgured it out, there's still seems to be some confusion on how it works:  Trout extension won't need to wait until regular season -  "The Angels don't want the average annual value of Trout's potential new extension -- still under negotiation -- to affect their Collective Balance Tax (CBT) payroll until the 2015 season, which would keep the club from blowing past the $189 million luxury-tax threshold this year. But the Angels recently confirmed with Major League Baseball that they don't have to wait until after Opening Day to sign Trout for that to be the case."
  • Trout's bankroll could hit new heights: Mike Trout: What is he really worth? - The Strike Zone -  "Even if he dips to 8.0 WAR in 2014, the free agent market value of Trout’s performance figures to be worth more than $43 million, and to climb upwards above $60 million. For the six years in question, that adds up to 54.0 WAR and $320.7 million worth of performance, all for the very reasonable average price of $5.94 million per win."  The figure SI comes up with in this post is 6 years of Trout = $320.7M.  Yikes.
  • To be honest, I thought the same thing when I heard the rumored extension would only be for 6 years, as in, that's way too short: The Angels Are Going To Screw Up Mike Trout's Contract - Deadspin.  "A six-year deal reeks of a front-office compromise that'll make no one happy other than Trout, who'd be set for life and hit free agency at the height of his prime. Either go big or go to arbitration, but this half-measure is barely better—and much more expensive—than doing nothing at all."
  • What a cool thing: Josh Hamilton surprises youth baseball team at Louisville Slugger factory (Video)  - Yahoo Sports.  "While ornery baseball fans might groan a bit at Hamilton after his down 2013 season, the kids were obviously excited to see the former AL MVP. He turned around to surprise them as they were making their way into the factory. One second, they were looking at a cardboard cutout of Hamilton, the next he was standing there in the flesh."
  • I use this app about every day hour: At Bat ready to launch into spring -  "The highest-grossing sports app five years running was launched by Major League Baseball Advanced Media for the iPhone, iPad, supported Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire and BlackBerry 10. A Windows Phone 8 version of At Bat is expected to be available in March. Look for the update if you haven't already."
  • I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday binge-watching season 2 of "House of Cards" and never once thought it was wasted time: Camden Yards gets a cameo in 'House of Cards' episode -  "In the sixth episode of Season 2 of the Netflix political drama – which is filmed in the Baltimore area – the scene includes a staged national anthem and features cameos by former Orioles Jim Johnson and Nate McLouth. In the scene, actor Kevin Spacey -- who plays the diabolical Underwood -- is first seen wearing an Orioles jacket awaiting his introduction in the tunnel to the Orioles dugout before the scene moves onto the field where he is going to throw out the pregame first pitch to Johnson."