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Thursday Halolinks: Angels pay Mike Trout record salary, still in toilet

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Yesterday was Angels' photo day. If it's any indication of how the season would go, they held it in the right location.

Jamie Squire

I watched a little bit of live baseball yesterday.  It was glorious.  Here's your Halolinks:

  • CBS Sports bring us their version of good-news/bad-news, first the GOOD: Angels agree to record pre-arb $1M salary with Mike Trout for 2014 -  "Trout's a pre-arbitration player and most of those guys make somewhere closer to the league minimum than seven figures. The previous record pre-arb salary -- which doesn't include draft-related signing bonuses -- was $900,000, which was shared by Albert Pujols (2003) and Ryan Howard (2007)."  And the BAD: Josh Hamilton won't see game action for at least two weeks -  "Still, even if out for two weeks, Scioscia doesn't believe Hamilton should be affected come the beginning of the regular season. "He'll pick it right up," Scioscia said ( "He got a lot of the fundamental work out of the way. His arm is in good shape. He got enough work on the offensive end to build up some of the things he needs to build up."
  • It'll be interesting to see how well Lindsey does this spring and into his Triple-A season: Bernie Pleskoff: Angels prospect Taylor Lindsey boasts immense offensive potential -  "Last season at Double-A Arkansas in the Texas League, Lindsey smoked 17 home runs to go along with six triples and 22 doubles in his 567 trips to the plate. Frankly, the Texas League is not the easiest place to hit home runs -- quite the contrary, in fact. It's known more for having "pitcher friendly" ballparks. It makes Lindsey's accomplishment even more impressive."
  • I've been slowly incorporating a healthier diet into my life, and making just small changes has made a large impact on how I feel.  Having a professional leading the way should make a huge difference for the ballclub: Halos bring aboard dietitian/nutritionist to staff -  "Her name is Becci Twombley. She's been serving as director of sports nutrition at USC for the last year and a half, after spending the previous five years at UCLA. The Angels consulted with Twombley this offseason and added her to the staff as a dietitian and nutritionist for the 2014 season."
  • Cool: Man who admitted to beating Bryan Stow to be held without bail - ESPN Los Angeles.  "U.S. Magistrate Judge Frederick Mumm's decision Wednesday stopped the pending release of Marvin Norwood, who was sentenced to four years in prison for the beating of Bryan Stow. The sentence came last week and with credit for time served, he could have been freed soon."
  • Remember yesterday when I posted the C.J. Wilson tweet about how he could act even weirder because of photo day?  Yeah...Meanwhile, at Los Angeles Angels photo day … - HardballTalk.  "What the heck is going on in Tempe today? The Angels are getting their pictures taken and this is what we're seeing:"
  • I suppose it could be worse:
    (Note: The furthest urinal is in case Dustin Pedroia shows up)

    At least Ron Washington looks like he's enjoying his stay in the restroom...
  • Has Joe Saunders that far off of a cliff that he's not finding a job yet?  With the Angels lack of depth, this seems like a "no-brainer":
  • These, especially the first, are ridiculously good plays: Did Josh Reddick make the catch of the year on the first day of exhibition games? - Yahoo Sports.  "Holy beard power. That's a 10-foot wall he scaled, by the way. The ball came off the bat of new Giants slugger Mike Morse, who later hit another one to the wall in right field that had a chance to leave the yard."
  • Padres promotion offers season tickets to any fan that homers at Petco Park - Yahoo Sports.  "Think you can hit a home run at Petco Park? Grab a bat, head down to the San Diego Padres home ballpark on Saturday, March 15 and give it your best shot. After all, you have nothing to lose, but if you manage to succeed, you'll win two season tickets for the 2014 season in the upper infield section."  This is pretty cool.
  • This Halolinks post was a little later than usual...I spent WAY too much time laughing my ass off here: Photoshop Contest: Craig Bjornson's Viking Rage.  "It's abundantly clear that Astros bullpen coach Craig Bjornson is the Face of MLB. But he deserves to be the face of so much more."  When I could have been spending my time more productively here: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 -  "The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition online at See photo galleries and videos of top models in the SI Swimsuit Edition."