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Angels Avoid Arbitration with David Freese and Kevin Jepsen

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All Angels arbitration cases have been settled without a hearing.


The Angels have avoided arbitration with all eligible players by settling with the final two players ready to go to a hearing.

Each player got a raise. David Freese was asking for $6 Million, the Angels had offered $4 Million. They met half way and the team will pay their new 3B $5 Million buckaroos in 2014.

Also getting a raise is relief pitcher Kevin Jepsen. He wanted $1.6 Million. He got $1.4 Million. He is out of options so look for the waiver wire to come into play at some point this season.

The team is still under the $189 Million luxury tax, which seemed tobe Arte Moreno's mission this offseason. So "Mission Accomplished" and now the biggest task of the decade awaits: Structuring a long-term Mike Trout deal. If the deal is signed after opening day then the Annual Average Value of the contract will not count against this season's Luxury Tax threshold. Arte can give Mike a huge signing bonus and it will only be averaged out for 2015 accounting purposes.