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Rank Some Angels Starting Pitchers

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Who Tops Your List?


In our Top 100 Angels Countdown we are almost to the Top Ten.

Later this week the #11 Angel of All Time will be revealed.

There are four pitchers left to name. All were starters. It is time for you to help rank them. The nominees, listed alphabetically, are:

  • Chuck Finley
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Frank Tanana
  • Jered Weaver

In a comment here on this thread, rank them from best to fourth-best.

Make your case if you would like, but keep in the comment somewhere you list - and make it an easy to tabulate list.

We are considering statistical accomplishments, of course, but also their impact on the franchise and their overall "Angel-ness" - do you think ANGELS when you see that guy? Crunch the numbers and then search your own feelings, Jedi-style if you must, to see where the force tells you that man belongs in the listings of our great players.