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Howdy y'all!!!!

Once again, a season of Halos Baseball is upon us, and we have some newbies here. So, to try to forestall the inevitable questions of "what does that mean?" here is a non-comprehensive list of memes and in jokes.

First of all, though... Make sure you read the Community Guidelines. Don't go whining about how you're butt-hurt.

Second, and almost as important, the Lore of the Panther.. Read it. Learn it. Love it.

Now for everything else...

As with any community, we have memes and in-jokes.

  • GA is lazy. He really isn't, but it was said so many times, including by the MSM, that it's stuck. Often, someone will say he's "too GA" to do something.
  • Ladybug. There are two important rules to remember regarding ladybug. 1. Do not get 'Bug mad at you. 2. Do NOT get 'Bug mad at you.
  • Nicknames. We have nicknames for most of the players, some of them completely non-obvious. They have come out of various game situations. And I'm sure many of them will be mentioned in the comments.
  • Dan Haren: 5thStarter is in love with Dan Haren. We believe that there may be a restraining order involved somewhere, but who knows?
  • The Game that Never Happened. Certain posters(*cough*yours truly*cough*) tend to get hysterical and catatonic if the events of August 1, 2012 are mentioned.
  • Quentin flew out to center.
  • Quentin flew out to center.

I'm too GA to mention any more, so please, everyone, help out the newbies.

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