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Pregame Picks Primer

Read to learn how you can make each game a little more exciting!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

What is it?

At around midnight a Pregame Picks Thread will be put up which you can use to discuss the upcoming game for the day. In addition, a little game to play. The game will have questions relating to the actual Angels Game. Answer the questions on the form, submit it, place a comment... and wait to see how you did!

Not only are you rooting for the Angels, you've got a little more to hope for!
Just keep in mind, in the game thread, no-one cares whether you scored a point or not...
Especially if it comes at the expense of winning!

I got it!

Great. The process hasn't changed since last year, so... go ahead and post about how excited you are.

I don't... :(

Ok. An example! Here's one of the classics "ABOX"

1. Fill out the above form with your HH username (spell it correctly!)
2. Fill out the answers (normally about 3 questions) In this case, if you believe only A will be true, select A. Likewise for B. However, if you think BOTH will be true, pick O. If you think both will be False, pick X.
** Each game should have a short description at the top on how to play the game / how it will be scored **
3. Hit Submit! (You're not done yet!!)
4. Check the summary page to confirm your username has been inputted

And repeat 162 times through the season.

Why do I need to comment?
It actually confirms to me that you're an actual HH member.
And I'm going to stress this again, your submission is not valid without a comment posted!

How does the scoring work?
Like I said earlier, it depends per game, but unless otherwise stated, 1 correct answer = 1 pt.
All results will be based off the box score at

A game will normally be worth about 3 points. Certain games will be worth more, but will be a bit more difficult.
Each day (should) feature a different game to play.
It should keep the games somewhat fresh! (I'll be upfront though, my barrel of pregame picks isn't that deep!)

Scores will be kept track for the entire season!
Best attempts will be made to update results after the game is over (no promises though)
Results will be updated weekly and a "Weekly Winner" will be crowned.

How long do I have until?
Submissions are live until the first pitch!
(If a game is delayed, you may keep posting until the first pitch. If postponed, it will be taken care of on a case-by-case basis!)

I think you scored something wrong...
Good Eye! I'm only human, and my program that tallies everything up is made by said human!
PLEASE post about it and go wild. Try to catch my attention. You are also free to email me. Same username as here, just at google's email system.

It's midnight and I don't see any pregame picks!!
It happens... again, feel free to send an email. I've probably just lost track of time!

I want to know the random gritty-nitty details, but probably wont read anyway!
Alright... Just to cover the random details:

I setup the summary page so that you can ensure your picks went through. (There is no complaining "but I swear I submitted...")
Note that it may take up to 5 minutes before the summary page refreshes.
Any entry in the google form above that does not have a corresponding comment in this thread will be ignored.
Any entry in the google form above that has a time stamp AFTER the first pitch will be labeled as LATE (0 pts). (There may be some leeway by a few minutes... MAY)
You are ultimately responsible for ensuring your answers have been scored properly.
"1 week" starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
I attempt to post Weekly Results on Saturday... Sundays will probably prevail though.
Scored games are considered final 3 days after its Weekly Results are posted.