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Open Forum: 2014 Series Previews

What would YOU like to see in this season's Series Previews?

"JDawg, get out there and warm up!"
"JDawg, get out there and warm up!"

Hello there everyone! JDawg here. Last season was my inaugural run with Halos Heaven and I had the responsibility of handling the Series Previews. With the 2014 season approaching, I would like to see what kind of information everyone would like to see in this season's rendition.

Last season started with a preview like this one. It had news about both teams, players, starters, and game times. After some time, I added some more content such as viewing options and statistics (displayed in player profile table). Once June rolled around, I moved from a weekly preview to a preview for each individual series. Then, once 2013 became real ugly for the Halos, I concluded with a real cut-and-dry rundown of starting pitchers like this preview.

For this season, I intend on doing a Series Preview for every single series and keeping the information present but not overcrowded. Off the bat, I can tell you the previews will have start times/weather, probable starting pitchers, viewing options, and important notes like injuries.

But now it is your turn. What would you like me to brew up for the 2014 season Series Previews?