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Wednesday Halolinks: The Angels might be awesome

FanGraphs thinks the Halos might have one of the best records in baseball at the end of the season.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels got a rare Spring Training day off yesterday, which obviously means they didn't play a game (no shit!).  This means there's no game notes to pilfer link to.  Instead, you get a bunch of links that are supposed to be entertaining and informative.  You can be the judge if they're either.  Your Halolinks, given without prejudice:

  • This is pretty interesting.  I truly respect the work done by the folks at FanGraphs, so for them to put the Angels so high on their projection list is encouraging for us fans:  Depth Charts " Projected Standings - FanGraphs Baseball.  "2014 projected standings for major league baseball teams".  For those of you who are too lazy to follow the link, FanGraphs predicts the Angels to finish 2014 with a 85-77 record, which is the fourth-best record in baseball, the the second-best record in the American league (behind Boston and Detroit), and the best record in the AL West.
  • No wonder he didn't make it to my birthday party: Angels outfielder Mike Trout displays unique ability to tune out distractions -  "The Angels' public-relations department keeps an Excel spreadsheet of off-the-field requests each player has taken on this spring, and Trout's list is 27 lines long. No other member of the Angels -- a team with a walking Hollywood script in Josh Hamilton, a Head & Shoulders pitchman in C.J. Wilson, a perennial Cy Young Award contender in Jered Weaver and a future Hall of Famer in Pujols -- has taken up more than 17. They allow him to do so many because they realize it doesn't affect him."
  • The signing of Joe Smith could have the biggest impact on this season, as he can provide the Angels with a steady arm in the pen...something they have missed since Scot Shields stopped being Scot Shields: Angels' Smith moved up after dropping down - The Orange County Register.  "....when Lovelady was looking for someone on the team who could become a sidearm pitcher. Smith gave it a try. From that moment, things began to change for Smith. Less than two years later, he was a third-round draft pick. Less than three years later, he was in the major leagues."
  • This was the story I was going to write last week if the Halos had given me access...Tyler Skaggs is looking to step into starting role with the Angels -  "There was concern among Arizona executives late last season when Skaggs' velocity dipped, but a return to the stride Skaggs used in high school and in the Angels' farm system has helped restore some steam to his fastball. "It's huge," Skaggs said. "The farther out you get, the harder you throw, and when you use your legs more, it puts less stress on your arm. It's a small mechanical fix, and it's worked wonders." ... Skaggs grew up an Angels fan, idolizing another tall left-hander — Chuck Finley — and attending Game 6 of the 2002 World Series as an 11-year-old. Now he's come "full circle," as he said, going from the Angels to Arizona and back to the team he rooted for as a kid and that drafted him out of high school. "It feels good, especially when the most important guy in the organization trades for you twice," Skaggs said. "It's a great opportunity. It's a special thing. It feels like I'm part of the family here."
  • Rotation depth for the Angels?  Only if he earns the spot:
  • Cool video:
  • Idiot video:  Grown man chases home run ball, tackles little girl instead (Video) - Yahoo Sports
    Monday night, a grown man bowled over a little girl during the Kansas City Royals-Texas Rangers game. He was set on grabbing a souvenir, a long drive off the bat of Billy Butler. But here's what makes this story even more unfortunate — the ball never even cleared the fence. It was caught at the wall. All this kid tackling for naught. Way to go, dude.
  • Holy smokes, Vin Scully is getting old!  Vin Scully Met A Koala.  "Shut down the Internet:"
    Okay, that's not Vinny, and that's certainly not a koala!  Here's the real photo: