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Angels: Catch The No-Name A's

The A in A's is for ANONYMOUS.


How the heck is a guy supposed to write up a preview of a divisional foe when there are no players on the team that were in organized sports last season? The Oakland Athletics appear to be a phenomena that manufactures new players out of thin air or keeps its players so anonymous (thru less media coverage than probably any other team in baseball) that they appear to be inscrutable rookies.

Oh sure there is old Coco Crisp fighting father time and yet keeping those fleet feet flying through the summer heat. There is Yoenis Cespedes who is a monster and to round out the oufield Josh Reddick is in Right. I think he was the guy with the ridiculous beard last year but now the beard of the weird belongs to Catcher Derek Norris. There are paramilitary squads encamped in that beard. The infield has that guy with glasses at 2B and the pitching staff has two no-name guys who are out with arm injuries and then five no-name guys who ...well Billy Beane must be happy with the computer algorithm they potentially manifest, right?

The Heavy Metal closer Grant Balfour is gone so there goes the one member of the Oakland pen that any of us knew or cared about. And John Jaso is supposedly the DH but rally, unless he was on your fantasy team and maybe even then, could you pick Jaso out of a lineup of twenty MLB players? Of TWO big leaguers? He is that kind of coin flip and without knowing anything about the A's really, it is a coin flip as to whether this baseball equivalent of Styx and Foghat will be the arena rockers of October or a two-division-champ-wonder.