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Angels Take Game 1 of Freeway Series

Light Up The Halo

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Final Score in L.A.: Angels 7 Dodgers 5

Howie Kendrick drove in two runs on a seventh-inning single to make a 4-3 Dodgers lead into a 5-4 Angels lead and it was cruise control from there. Howie drove in Matt Long and a hustling Raul Ibañez from second. Father Time-bañez had doubled right before Howie's at-bat - yes the Angels used the DH in the National League park, WOOT!

The Angels had tied a 3-1 game with a two-run single by Kole Calhoun in the fifth inning. KC was thrown out stretching the smash to a double - not meant to be, but nice effort, red.

Halo Starter Hector Santiago allowed four runs in six innings pitched. Two of the runs were solo homers by Hanley Ramirez, one of many overpaid Dodgers looking good before the midseason slump hits the bloated, aging payroll of Big Blue. I can already see the fairweather Lakers fans looking for the exits on the bandwagon. Hec-San had five strikeouts in the game, not bad at all.

When Nick Maronde got into trouble in the ninth, Scioscia brought in Cam Bedrosian to play closer. A preview of 2015? Nice. The Son of Steve was good.

Oh and Chone Figgins got in the game. For the Dodgers. Wow.