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Shuck, Long, Green Sent to AAA

The Angels Opening Day Roster Has Been Set.

This is why we can't have nice things
This is why we can't have nice things
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels have sent J.B. Shuck to AAA to start the season, giving the fourth outfield slot to Collin Cowgill. Despite a breakout spring training, Matt Long will wait a little longer to make his major league debut as he joins Shuck in Salt Lake City for the start of the Bees season.

Infielder Grant Green is apparently too valuable to rot on the bench and will play everyday in the minors to start the season as veteran John McDonald, who made his major league debut in 1999, has made the team. Lefty infielder Ian Stewart also made the cut. Take this as a vote of confidence in Green who will get regular ABs instead of weekly ones were he to be in Anaheim starting this Monday.

The fifth backup spot will go to Catcher Hank Conger as expected.

ANALYSIS: It is a dumbfoundingly great day that sees the Halos send the mediocre Shuck to the minors. Cowgill is better than Long at the moment, so it isn't the rah-rah move one may have hoped for but Long showed he will not be denied in the "Long" run. McDonald and Stewart are band-aids and if an infielder goes down do not expect either to assume everyday roles if any of our guys in the minors is hot.