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Diamondbacks @ Angels Spring Game Thread

Can we get us some Trumbo this time around?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It's kinda nice to have Arizona come visit us in, er, Arizona.

Hey, did ya' miss it yesterday??

Joe Blanton started and lasted 10 total outs. In that time he gave up 8 hits, 4 of them for home runs, 7 total runs, all earned, and even threw in a walk. And only two of those outs were K's.

This is the same guy Mike Scioscia complimented just a few days ago, saying :

Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said Blanton "missed some spots" to those first three batters –- singles by Jed Lowrie and Josh Donaldson followed by a double by Yoenis Cespedes. But Scioscia called the entirety of the outing "a step forward for him," citing the addition of some deception in Blanton’s delivery.

"He’s hiding the ball a little better," Scioscia said. "He’s working hard to get back to where he needs to be."

Seriously, this stuff just writes itself.