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Angels Mike Scioscia 12-1 Odds of Being First Manager Fired in '14

...No odds published on which hitting coach will be the first injured on the job...

You think I'm funny? Funny how, funny like a clown?
You think I'm funny? Funny how, funny like a clown?
J. Meric

So... here are some internet gambling site odds pertaining to the looming question: Which MLB manager will be the first to get fired in the 2014 season. They come to us courtesy of Bovada (, Twitter: @BovadaLV). Anyone out there gonna put there money where their mouths are?

SPECIAL - Who will be the first Manager fired during the 2014 Regular Season?

2/1: John Gibbons, Toronto Blue Jays

5/2: Kirk Gibson, Arizona Diamondbacks

5/1: Ned Yost, Kansas City Royals

5/1: Terry Collins, New York Mets

7/1: Bo Porter, Houston Astros

12/1: Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

After the first game of the season I would say Scioscia has moved up this chart to at least a 10-1 longshot, if his bullpen management is any indication.