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Angels Lose, Buttercup Baby Just to Let You Down

Final Score: Seattle 8 Angels 3

...he didn't catch it...
...he didn't catch it...
Jeff Gross

It was a depressing night in Anaheim where the ugliest bobblehead of the century couldn't keep fans in their seats or ignite the bats, even that of the now-doubly-bobbleheaded Mike Trout. Actually Raul Ibañez hit a monster two-run-home run and that was about all the excitement one can stand... or be allowed. The Angels were flat and lifeless, C.J. Wilson threw over a hundred pitches in less than six complete innings. Seattle scored seven of their eight runs with two outs and the Angels were helpless at the plate. When David Freese appeared to ground into a double play with two men on he was saved by a Robinson Cano error that plated Albert Pujols but then he got picked off at 1B. You know, superstar stuff there.

Mike Scioscia elected to walk Robinson Cano to LOAD the bases with two outs... stupid stupid stupid. Justin Smoak cleared the bases. It was like a horror movie where you know the kids in the house are going to get stabbed and you can yell at Mike Scioscia not to do it, don't go in there, don't walk him, but then, BOOM, here comes the guy with the hockey mask or in this case the baseball bat. Slash away Seattle, you have already devastated Arte Moreno's ticket sales.