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Pregame Picks Results Catchup!

Normally this is what you'd see at the pregame recap threads...

Otto Greule Jr

NORMALLY... these would be up on the results thread from the last game...
But jetlag + realizing my programs aren't set for the new games/rules... caused this delay.
But never fear! Everything looks ready and here we go!!

You can keep your eye out for this horribly crafted image by myself:
Click it to see the spreadsheet with all the results.
This time I've just rattled them out below.

GAME 001 (3/31 vs SEA)
GAME 002 (4/01 vs SEA)
GAME 003 (4/02 vs SEA)
GAME 004 (4/04 @ HOU)
GAME 005 (4/05 @ HOU)


GAME 006
(4/06 @ HOU)
GAME 007
(4/07 @ HOU)
GAME 008
(4/08 @ SEA)
GAME 009 (4/09 @ SEA)

Remember! A program is only as good as its creator. If you see something wrong, please tell me ASAP.

If you see your name next to a red X, that means a comment wasn't found in that thread.
If you don't see your name at all, that means you didn't successfully post to google docs.

A weekly result post will be up on Saturday for Week 1 & 2.