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Angels Win In Extras Friday Night Against Mets

The Halos and Mets faced off for eleven innings across three hours and fifty-four minutes.

Stephen Dunn

Final Score in Anaheim (Game 1): Mets 4 Angels 5

WP: Michael Kohn LP: Jeurys Familia


It was slightly annoying early on. The Mets scored in the first. The Angels answered with a Mike Trout home run. Then the Mets answered with another run followed by a two-run fourth inning. The next set of runs would come from J.B. Shuck's two-run blast in the bottom of the sixth (the reaction can be found in the image above).

In the eighth, the Halos had a chance to take the lead; however, Albert Pujols grounded out with Kyle Farnsworth pitching. And that was only the start of groans to follow. With Raul Ibanez ready to run on second base, Shuck grounded out. That was during the ninth inning. In the tenth, Albert Pujols grounded out again.

Everything turned around in the eleventh, and final, inning. Ibanez lined the ball to where grouchy Curtis Granderson was playing (in a quiet right field thanks to the removal of a barking fan). A wild pitch moved Ibanez over to second base and a ground ball from David Freese moved him to third. This led to former Halo manager Terry Collins to intentionally walk the bases loaded with one out. Hank Conger did not have to do much to pick up the team's first home win as Jeurys Famillia hit him with a pitch and Ibanez jogged home.

Game 2 of this series with the Mets starts at 6:05pm. LIGHT THAT BABY UP!