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Week 02 Pregame Picks Results!

Week 01 Leader: blast21dave
Week 02 Leader: lodihalofan
Overall Leader: lodihalofan

Lisa Blumenfeld

Week 1 Results (Games 1 - 5) - blast21dave with a strong win in the 2014 over/under picks certainly helped grab the top spot for the opening week!

Week 2 Results (Games 6 - 11) - lodihalofan was able to score strongly every day with exception for one day to grab the crown for the second week!

Overall Results! No surprise that the two players who had the weekly PGP crown are on top of the overall chart! It's still a close race!!

The TOP 5 look like the following:

LodiHaloFan 15
blast21dave 13
Btown100 12
angelsfan7 11
4 tied @

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